Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Favourite Celebrity Couple?

But then, let's not discount these ones:

Because who doesn't love two pretty people, who, despite certain career failings (An album of Tom Waits covers? Van Wilder? ... Oh no wait, Van Wilder was awesome) seem like totally awesome funny people who you (me) want to hang out with. Ryan and ScarJo are adorably suited.

Because she's finally found someone on her level of crazy. Manson was just too gross for her. And Planet Terror was fantastic. More please.

Because I want them to stay together forever and have lots of stupidly awkward children and... hey Mila, I think I have that underwear.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another reason why Mary-Louise is cool.

Mary-Louise Parker was Stephanie Meyer's first choice for Esme Cullen.
She turned the part down.
Damn straight she did.
Mad props to the woman.

Poor Mia

I mean, you're never going to look your best standing next to Liv Tyler, but... a denim dress? With that jacket? Really? I know it was a few years ago, but I don't remember denim dresses being red-carpet-okay since Brit and JT pulled off the best couples matching outfit in the history of the world. You remember the one I'm talking about.

If your dress is a salute to that outfit, then kudos Mia, but somehow, I don't think it is.

Famous Families

I want to part of these families:

I want to avoid these:
Just thought you should know.

Greatest Online Store Ever.

Go here

And revel in the amazing products.

Can't decide if I want bunny or fox jammies for Christmas, but I know what everyone I know is getting!
I hope my friends and family like kitten mittens and leopard tails (they totally will).

Bunnywarez, kudos on fantastically childish products. This is why we have online shopping, people.

Best New Show.

This is my new favourite thing. It's pure genius, from the Raymond Chandler references to watching Ted Danson smoke pot in a toilet cubicle, this show is why TV was invented.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Val Kilmer could probably beat your dad in a fight.

This site is awesome.

And I'm sure it works a whole lot better when you're not trying to simultaneously download 80's cult classic Real Genius.
Damn you and your classic good looks, Val!