Sunday, August 5, 2007

The lowest form of wit

People say it's sarcasm, it's not. It's Mark Philippoussis' Age of Love.
If you haven't been watching this gem of a show, I highly encourage it.

The premise is not hard to follow. Mark thinks it's an ordinary dating show, until he finds out all the women are in their 40's. He gets to know them, heartwarmingly realises age is but a number, and then they introduce a bunch of women in their 20's. Now Mark is torn between old women with brains and personality (and children the same age as him. yum.) and young women with big tits. Hard choice dude. Hard choice.

All my friends (well, one) adore this show jsut as much as I do.
Observe this text conversation:

Me: Dude of course I am. I wouldn't miss this train wreck for the world.
Friend: LMAO "ever dated a 46 yr old before?" I can almost hear him saying LOL inside.
Me: I don't get it. They're old. And he's not. This is going to be a very simple show.
Friend: Word, I just wanna see the old ladies faces when the younger girls come out. THERES BOUT TO BE A WHATTT? GIRL FIGHT!
Me: Haha, its going to be awesome. I really dont like that old woman in the 12 yr olds clothes. What.
Friend: Ahahahaha LMAO at these women thinking he might pick a 40 yr old. Ya.... 20 yr old..... 40 yr old.....hard decision, ya know?
Me: Especially for the man who dated Delta Goodrem pre-cancer. After you go Delta, you don't go back. Just ask that ugly Irish dude she's with now. HOME WRECKER DELTA.

So as you can see, Age of Love is awesome, Delta is not. Go watch Mark squirm awkwardly around women so desperate as to subject themselves to this treatment. We are in the golden age of tv, people. Don't ignore it.

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