Friday, August 31, 2007

Miss Teen USDumb

By now the entire world is almost finished laughing at this...

Now people, please, you all seem to be missing the point.
She's extremely pretty. Like, really really pretty.
And, as you all know, in this shallow world the pretty can do whatever the fuck they want (just look at Tyra. That bitch is mental. But pretty.)
So leave her the fuck alone. You're all just jealous that you couldn't pull off that dress.


Ellie said...

ugh, I had to go to the effort of making an account to comment this.

It's so true though. I have a secret longing to wear sparkly blue halterneck dresses while making my parents cry over the money they spent on my education. If only I could pull it off.

Tegan said...

Aw, you made an account to comment? Love.

I know, like, Kelly Clarkson SO couldn't wear that dress. And she just did idol, her parents didn't fork out thousands of bucks on her. She took the easy way in. Chunky lucky bitch.