Saturday, September 1, 2007

Oh Aleisha *shakes head*

I expected it from Krystal. We ALL expected it from Krystal (in fact, if I'm being honest, I expected a double spread with Krystal and her mum, actually).

But I though you were above this Aleisha. I thought you were funny and cute and NOT A DIRTY SLUT.

Oh Aleisha, I was wrong.

I am PRAYING that this is some crazy clause in your BB contract, stating all the girls (well, lets face it, all the pretty girls) have to do a Slutty McSlutSlut photo shoot for the ever tasteful Zoo Weekly, and that this wasn't a genuine career move (unlike your Global Rags ads with Brodie, which I LOVE, and simply can't stop watching. Kudos on that.)

Dear, sweet, lovely Aleisha, please PLEASE listen to me.

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