Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Battle of the Interviewers

Parky: Everybody loves you.
Denton: You're quite popular in some demographics.
Rove: I think you're great (pulls funny face).

Parky: Your new album is just lovely.
Denton: Your album has been received rather well.
Rove: I love your new album. (lets Pete crack a joke)

Parky: You're so young and so talented.
Denton: You must have a lot of pressure on you, being thrust into the spotlight at such an early age.
Rove: Can you even drink legally? I can. (lets Dave crack a joke)

Parky: You had a rough childhood. Do you think that helped you become so brilliant?
Denton: Tell me about the time you watched your father rape and murder your mother and sister.
Rove: Squirt this milk out of your nose and I'll get Hamish to drink it.

Parky: There's been some questions around your sexuality. Do you think that's contributed to your success?
Denton: Are you gay?
Rove: Who would you turn gay for?

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