Monday, November 5, 2007


Older Brother: Man, being in the FBI is hard. Let me tell you all the details of the top secret classified case I'm working on right now.

Dude from The Santa Clause: Okay.

Older Brother: Someone is going around killing people. It's bad.

Dude from The Santa Clause: Pfft! You call that a crime? I could solve that in 5 seconds with maths.

Older Brother: ... Uhh... maths?

Dude from The Santa Clause: Sure! Just let me draw lots of meaningless equations on this blackboard. (draws) There! Done! This is the guy you're looking for.

Older Brother: Wow! I've been in the FBI for years and had years and years of intensive training before that, but you're so much better at this than me! You should help me on every case.

Dude from The Santa Clause: Yay maths!

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