Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Culkin Brothers in: Kieran tries to pick up.

Kieran: Hey cute girl, don't you think my brother's girl is just a touch over-fake-tanned? Like, orange?
Rory: Shut up about my woman.
Kieran: But seriously cute girl, I much prefer pale, down to earth cute girls. Actually, girls much like you, cute girl.
Cute Girl: ...
Kieran: ... My brother was in Uncle Buck. Did you like Uncle Buck? I liked Uncle Buck.
Cute Girl: ... Are you that guy from that movie with Ryan Phillippe?
Kieran: Why yes, yes I am.
Cute Girl: Do you have his number? He's so damn cute.
Kieran: ... Actually I don't have his number. He's an asshole. Do you know who's number I do have? Mine.
Cute Girl: ...
Kieran: Here, let me save it in your blackberry. I'll just put it under 'C' for cute Culkin. Hahaha.
Cute Girl: ...
Kieran: Haha.
Cute Girl: Give me my blackberry back. *Leaves*
Rory: Bet you wish you were with my orange chick now, huh?

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