Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lady Bitchface

God Lady Gaga, make it more obvious which interviewers you like. I really can't tell.

Okay, I understand loving Ellen. She is awesome. Plus Portia, she's tapping that ass. That deserves props. Completely with you, Gaga.

Okay, this is stretching it. You could be a bitch to these ladies. They haven't even heard your biggest song. They don't care about you, you're just filler for them. And yet you are gracious and polite and smile for them.

And then you're a FUCKING BITCH to Jonathan. You cow. He's a national treasure. You think you're too good for him? Is that it? He is doing ALL HE CAN to engage you in the interview and you give him NOTHING.
This interview is just terrible, and guess what Gaga, it's not Wossy's fault. It's YOURS. You ruin everything! God.

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