Sunday, July 5, 2009

Where have I been?

When did Dakota Fanning grow up? I completely missed her going from this:
To this:
Okay, so maybe not such a huge jump. I remember her being slightly older in Charlotte's Web. Which was just terrible for the record. But I seriously missed her going from kid to saucy almost-adult-teenager, and actually pulling off a nude dress. Weird.
But does anyone else get an Amanda Seyfried vibe from her? Just a little?
Personally I prefer Amanda to Dakota, but that's just because of Mean Girls and Big Love. I pretend Mamma Mia never happened, for both Amanda and Meryl Streep's sake.
I guess I missed Dakota growing up because I avoid her at all costs, mainly because she had a 40 year old's eyes in a tiny creepy child body. But now that she's adult the face isn't so creepy anymore. I guess I'll have to judge whether or not I like the adult-Dakota based solely on how she goes in New Moon, which, if the entire Twilight franchise is anything to go by, means I'll get to keep hating her for a little bit longer. At least until she hits 18 and does a shitty indie flick with a gratuitous sex scene just because her creepy director-boyfriend tells her to. The Brown Bunny 2, anyone?

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