Saturday, January 12, 2008

Crazy Britney

Oh god I love her so much. Seriously.
Okay, remember Brits wedding to Kev? Yes? And remember the outfit?

Well, here she is yesterday in a car dealership with her new bf, that paparazzo dude with the name I can't spell.

Oh Britney.

Now, I am all for celebs wearing things more than once in public. I think it's stupid they get canned for wearing the same thing lots. I wear my clothes lots. Thats what people do.

But BritBrit, seriously, your wedding dress? With a new bf? To a car dealership? Seriously?

Oh lord. Dr. Phil, forget the fueding and the fighting, this girl needs help.

Photos copyright People Magazine


Ellie said...

Oh God, those are the same shoes to aren't they? Britney, please pull it together so everyone stops thinking I'm crazy for adoring you.

Tegan said...

I know. Liking her is getting more and more shameful. Not that I'm going to stop anytime soon, I just might have to talk about Linds more so people don't think I'm really sad or something.