Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hello Baby!

So Nic finally popped it out.
I didn't even know she was 9 months, has anyone checked if she's eaten recently?

And in true Hollywood style, they've chosen a perfectly normal, sane, beautiful name for their baby girl.
Harlow Winter Kate Madden
The only thing that could make that better was if they did a double-barrell on the end with Ritchie.

And apprently celeb friends are just so excited.
Katie Holmes has sent her congratulations (because she's locked in an ivory tower with nothing else to do but read scientology books)
Mischa Barton has bought them a bunch of baby "rocker" tshirts (because her career is non-exsistent and she has a desperate need to cling wildly to anyone in the spotlight)
And LC from The Hills can't wait "to see the baby. I bet it's beautiful!" (because she just has no life)

Enjoy raising the baby, you two crazy kids!

Photo copyright People Magazine.

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