Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twilight fans not only annoying, but literal too.

Twilight fans clearly haven't studied metaphors in school yet.
I was scrolling this twilight forum because the fangirls (apparently there are some pre-pubescent boys as well!) were getting up in arms about Stephen King saying Stephanie Meyer can't write, which is fantastic and hilarious at the same time, and as I scrolled I saw this for just a second and thought "Huh, why does a twilight fangirl have a Chronicles of Narnia sig?" and then looked closer and couldn't quite believe it for a second.

I'm totally, like, printing this off and having it framed, and, like, totally going to stalk R.Patz until he signs it for me, like.

And then I'll sell it on eBay, back to the fangirl whose sig it is. Oh, the joy of a flawless plan.

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